Doğalsan was established in year 1998 in Ankara to produce semi refined, natural and healthy nutrition products.


As of 2015, Doğalsan completed all its certificates to provide an extensive portfolio of organic adricultural products.

With its continuously developing product range Doğalsan produces delicious, natural and healthy products. The company produces cereals,beans of different unique and gains with various forms including wheat, rye, oat and barley Dogalsan offers these to the liking of consumers in many countries and overall in Turkey.


Doğalsan supplies products to all national hypermarkets and local markets in Turkey for 21 years. Doğalsan’s nearly 50 units of products are sold at local, national markets while through franchising its products are sold at 3.500 sales points.


Our pursuit of a healthy life style is very closely related with our focus on healthy nutritioning. The importance of abundantly fibrous food in our healthy nutrition is better understood every day. As Doğalsan, the common property of all our products is their abundant fibrous content. By preferring Doğalsan products you can ensure getting healty nutrition with good taste while at the same time keeping your form.


Alongside oat corn products present in Doğalsan’s rich product scala, the company has added new and diversified types of products such as quinoa and buckwheat which it has offered to the liking of customers.


In many countries people who make diet reach their ideal weight in a healthy way with Doğalsan products. Doğalsan continues to develop new products in this field where it is a leader.


Doğalsan has production and quality management certificates granted by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Herding.


The Company has been awarded GOLDEN SUPPLIER title at Migros, File (BİM), Metro and BRC GOLBAL STANDARD for SAFETY audits.


Main national and local stores where you can find our products: Migros, Carrefour, A101, Metro Gross market, Özdilek Market, Çağdaş Markets, Uyum Markets.


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