Oat Bran


The sine qua non of your diet.

The World Healt Organization indicates that the protein of oat is as vaulable as the proteins of milk, meat and egg. Beta-glucan of oat has postive effects in stabilizing the blood cholesterol. Selenium is an important antioxidant fort he body, it is protective against asthma and heart disease. Oats and other whole grain products are rich in magnesium mineral. Oats help to protect the body from chronic diseases such as cancer. As a nutritional support, it stabilizes and regulates the gastrointestinal fuctions and movements by means of its high fiber content. By creating a logn-lasting feeling of fullness since, it takes longer to digest oat and it aslo helps supporting weight control. It can be used by mixing with cold mil kor yoğurt, adding fresh or dried fruits, adding into food such as soups, salads etc and preparing crackers fitting thje diet program.

Ingredients: 100% Wheat bran