Whole-Wheat Flour


The characteristic which separates the Kardeun (the Black Mill Flour) from other whole-wheat flours is that it is not the flour and bran mix but, it is a natural product all by itself. In other words, the wheat is turned into flour between two millstones only after sieved. The wheat used in this process is the high-quality durum wheat. The naturalness, all vitamins and minerals of the wheat is originally maintained in the black mill flour.

The wheat used in current flour plants have low quality due to various agricultural petsts of our country. Various chemical materials are used for ensuring the flour produced from this wheat satisfies particular standards. And these materials destoray the naturalness of the product.

Whole-wheat flour (Kardeun) plays an active role in rejuvenating cells and functions of brain and nerves firstly by its unsaturated fatty acids, ironi calcium, vitamin E and especially B group vitamins. These values decrase at one fifty fort he refined flour.


Fiber in whole milled grains, makes digestion easier, gives a feeling of fullness. It regulates blood sugar and reduces fatigue. More importantly, it ensures less fat is stored inout bodies. Kardeun protects our healty and form at the same time.